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    Hello AOL Address Book Grabber Seekers

    October 29th, 2007

    For AOL address book grabber seekers:

    I am getting a lot of requests of “AOL Address Book Grabber” PHP code. For your information – please don’t send me emails. Instead, please fill the following form:


    I am a very busy guy and don’t have time to reply to all emails separately. So I thought I would collect interested emails using this form and then reply to the emails on each Saturday. I understand your need and importance of time, but I am sorry I can’t manage time except Saturday.

    You may ask why I am not putting a download option of the code. I would like to reply I am sorry I have problems.

    Best regards.


    Looking for a Web Application Engineer

    September 9th, 2007

    Do you think you are always capable to develop some cool stuffs? Do you want to change the world by your works? If YES, please send your resume to my email (rupom_315@yahoo.com) ASAP. I am looking for a very competent web application engineer (Full-Time) to work with my overseas team under my supervision.

    You should have a very good background in OOP and must be experienced in PHP & JS (1.5+ years’ real-life experiences).

    Please feel free to contact for more details.


    Some Usage Examples of My XmlToArray Class

    July 4th, 2007

    I am very happy that my XmlToArray Class at PHPClasses.Org got a huge popularity. This class parses XML and forms array from the hierarchical XML format. You can download it from here:


    Recently few users requested me to provide a real-life example usage of my class. In this regard, I want to show two examples here:

    BBC News Feed : http://www.rupom.com/demos/bbc/

    Cricinfo Latest : http://www.rupom.com/demos/cricinfo/

    Screenshot of XmlToArray Usage Example
    I want to share my usage.php that I used for BBC News Feed. Here it is:


    // Retrieving the RSS first. I used file_get_contents(), you can retrieve by any other way
    $xml_data = file_get_contents(“http://newsrss.bbc.co.uk/rss/ newsonline_world_edition/front_page/rss.xml”);

    //Creating Instance of the Class
    $xmlObj = new XmlToArray($xml_data);

    //Creating Array
    $arrayData = $xmlObj->createArray();

    $rssData = array();
    //getting the feed items
    $rssData = $arrayData[‘rss’][‘channel’][0][‘item’];

    // data is available; loop through the data

    foreach($rssData as $i=>$v)

    $title = $v[‘title’];
    $link = $v[‘link’];
    $category = $v[‘category’];
    $pubDate = $v[‘pubDate’];
    $desc = $v[‘description’];

    /* print data now


    Isn’t this the simplest script? Yes, I tried to make it as simple as possible. Please feel free to let me know more queries.

    Best regards.


    phpBB Topic Map

    July 1st, 2007

    Few months back, I worked on “phpBB topic map” for one of my good friends. It’s a new kind of site map (in this case I called “topic map”). I just want to show you the new kind mapping stuff. You can see the working version here:


    phpBB Topic Map

    If you mouse over any link, you will see OVERLIB functios here. The forum->topic hierarchy has been derived in conventional way (as per phpBB’s database structure). There is nothing special here except the new idea of mapping phpBB topics with a flavor of OVERLIB.

    Please feel free to contact me for any helps.

    Best regards.


    See My Simple Image Thumbnailer

    June 30th, 2007

    Last week when I noticed the MYRUET members could not upload proper sized image to their profile page, I prepared a simple image thumbnailer. I donno if it helped them a lot but I noticed few members used it. Here is the demo:


    It is very simple one to prepare. It manipulates the would-be scale size using this formula:


    function imageScale($image, $newWidth, $newHeight)

    if(!$size = @getimagesize($image))
    die("Unable to get info on image $image");

    $ratio = ($size[0] / $size[1]);

    if($newWidth == -1)
    $ret[1] = $newHeight;
    $ret[0] = round(($newHeight * $ratio));
    else if($newHeight == -1)
    $ret[0] = $newWidth;
    $ret[1] = round(($newWidth / $ratio));

    die("Scale Error");

    return $ret;


    Please check the thumbnailer and let me know if some changes can make this more strong.

    Best regards.


    Easy Way to Install FFMPEG with PHP

    June 15th, 2007

    Audio/Video streaming is very popular today. Recently I have worked on such streaming for one of my projects. My server OS is Fedora Core 6. I found a great help to install FFMPEG (with PHP) that I want to share:


    I followed it line by line and got FFMPEG done. Obviously you will face some problems (depending on your OS and current status of the server). I had to do a few configuration stuffs that my server required during the installation.

    I hope you will find the above link as a great help when needed.



    Gmail Address Book Grabber :: New Update

    June 14th, 2007

    Please check the updated version of my class “Gmail Address Book Grabber”:


    This update is because Gmail changed few display & URL styles in the recent days. I have modified the data parser and a request URL in this change. It’s working now. See demo here:


    Please feel free to share your experience with my class.

    Enjoy PHPing!


    Common Problems with MySQL and PHP

    July 13th, 2006

    We get some common problems during our development work by PHP/MySQL. Here is a short list of common problems with MySQL and PHP along with possible solutions:

  • Error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded: This is a PHP limit; go into the php.ini file and set the maximum execution time up from 30 seconds to something higher, as needed. It is also not a bad idea to double the RAM allowed per script to 16MB instead of 8MB.
  • Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function mysql_connect() in …: This means that your PHP version isn’t compiled with MySQL support. You can either compile a dynamic MySQL module and load it into PHP or recompile PHP with built-in MySQL support. This process is described in detail in the PHP manual.
  • Error: Undefined reference to ‘uncompress': This means that the client library is compiled with support for a compressed client/server protocol. The fix is to add -lz last when linking with -lmysqlclient.
  • Error: Client does not support authentication protocol: This is most often encountered when trying to use the older mysql extension with MySQL 4.1.1 and later. Possible solutions are: downgrade to MySQL 4.0; switch to PHP 5 and the newer mysqli extension; or configure the MySQL server with –old-passwords. (See “Client does not support authentication protocol”, for more information.)
  • [reference: http://dev.mysql.com]

    See more about it here:

    Enjoy PHPing !


    Being The Top Downloaded Author At phpclasses.org

    June 23rd, 2006

    i am the top downloaded author for this week at phpclasses.org. Three of my classes are now in the top ten (10) list. These three classes made me the top downloaded author for this week:

  • SQL2PDFReport
  • HTML2PDFReport
  • Grab Gmail Address Book
  • I am happy getting this top position.

    My special thanks to the phpclasses members.

    Life is really enjoyable in programming!!