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    Hello AOL Address Book Grabber Seekers

    For AOL address book grabber seekers:

    I am getting a lot of requests of “AOL Address Book Grabber” PHP code. For your information – please don’t send me emails. Instead, please fill the following form:

    I am a very busy guy and don’t have time to reply to all emails separately. So I thought I would collect interested emails using this form and then reply to the emails on each Saturday. I understand your need and importance of time, but I am sorry I can’t manage time except Saturday.

    You may ask why I am not putting a download option of the code. I would like to reply I am sorry I have problems.

    Best regards.


    One Response to “Hello AOL Address Book Grabber Seekers”

    1. Jason Anderson says:

      Can you help me providing the class in my email?

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