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    Nurul Islam, Our Brother :: Save Him

    Nurul Islam, A fourth year Electrical Enginerring student of Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET), is suffering from kidney damage problem. Doctors’ tests said that his both kideneys are damaged. A lot money is needed to save Nurul from this condition. But his family can’t afford that. So people from the different levels of the society are trying to help Nurul. Can’t we help Nurul to get life back to this nice world ? Or should not we try to save Nurul Islam ?

    See the innocent face of Nurul Islam. Our minimal combined contribution can save a thousands of Nurul Islam. Please broaden your hands, let Nurul keep among us.

    Please contribute as much as you can to save our brother Nurul Islam.

    To help Nurul Islam, please send your contribution to:
    Saving account no – 34115593
    Dilkusha Corporate Branch, Dhaka.

    Please forward this content to others.


    2 Responses to “Nurul Islam, Our Brother :: Save Him”

    1. Sizar says:

      Hello Rupom,
      you are doing good thing thru ur site. we all sud expect his great return to this nice world. i will also try to help this would be engineer. i appreciate your good activities.


    2. Saif says:

      Thanx Rupom for ur acheivemnt. We sud try for our beloved brother to save him to ssave the Humanity…………

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