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    Demo Of Url2PdfReport Classs

    June 28th, 2006

    I have put a demo implementation of my Url2PdfReport Classs in the web. Many users asked me their problems using the Class. This demo is for their better understanding. My demo is here:

  • http://phpresource.bdwebwork.com/pdf_test
  • [Choose your PDF reader’s version in the demo.]

    If you are facing any kind outputting problem, please see the demo outputs from this link. In failure, feel free to contact me.


    phpResource Feeds

    June 27th, 2006

    Yesterday I added phpResource Feeds to phpResource Website (http://www.phpresgroup.org). From now on, lastest posts of phpResource Group will be available in these URLs:

  • http://services.phpresgroup.org/phpResourceFeed/
  • http://services.phpresgroup.org/
  • I used my XmlToArray Class to parse the RSS of phpResource Group.

    Visit the URLs to see the feeds.


    Version Update :: Url2PdfReport Class

    June 27th, 2006

    Yesterday I released version 1.1 of Url2PdfReport Class. Changes that come with this version are simple but helpful. Because of some user-queries, I added the following methods to the class:


    * Sets PDF version (added on 06/23/2006)
    * @param pdf version
    * @return none
    function setPdfVersion($pdfVersion)
    $pdfVersion = 1.3 for Adobe Acrobat Reader 4
    $pdfVersion = 1.4 for Adobe Acrobat Reader 5
    $pdfVersion = 1.5 for Adobe Acrobat Reader 6
    $this->pdfVersion = $pdfVersion;

    * Sets PDF header (added on 06/26/2006)
    * @param pdf header
    * @return none
    function setPdfHeader($pdfHeader)
    $this->headerHtml = $pdfHeader;

    * Sets PDF footer (added on 06/26/2006)
    * @param pdf header
    * @return none
    function setPdfFooter($pdfFooter)
    $this->footerHtml = $pdfFooter;

    I got some mails from some members of phpclasses.org. They suggested me to give a pdf version option so that they can choose their version option according to their available pdf reader. I did so.

    And yesterday one of the phpResource members asked if header and footer can be added to the pdf. I added so to the class.

    To use the latest options with your PDF, use the class as following :

    $obj = new Url2PdfReport();

    //pdf version
    $pdfVersion = ‘1.4’; //change it according to your need
    $pdfVersion = 1.3 for Acrobat Reader 4
    $pdfVersion = 1.4 for Acrobat Reader 5
    $pdfVersion = 1.5 for Acrobat Reader 6

    //set PDF version

    //set Pdf Header
    $headerHtml = “put whatever you want to put in header”;

    //set Pdf Footer
    $footerHtml = “put whatever you want to put in footer”;

    //sets URL of the HTML file which will be converted to PDF
    //change this according to your URL

    //gets the pdf report of the URL data


    Hopefully programmers using this class will get some more helps by these changes.


    Being The Top Downloaded Author At phpclasses.org

    June 23rd, 2006

    i am the top downloaded author for this week at phpclasses.org. Three of my classes are now in the top ten (10) list. These three classes made me the top downloaded author for this week:

  • SQL2PDFReport
  • HTML2PDFReport
  • Grab Gmail Address Book
  • I am happy getting this top position.

    My special thanks to the phpclasses members.

    Life is really enjoyable in programming!!


    Five(5) Ways to Speed Up Your Site

    June 23rd, 2006

    Paul Stamatiou shares with us five ways to speed up your site, some quick and easy recommendations to making your site fly.

    He pointed out these five ways:

    1) Reduce Overall Latency by Reducing HTTP Requests
    2) Properly Save Your Images
    3) Compression
    4) Avoid _JavaScript Where Possible
    5) Strip Extraneous PHP Calls

    See his nice article:

    My thanks to Paul Stamatiou for such nice knowledge-sharing.


    300 Members Of phpResource Group

    June 21st, 2006

    Yesterday phpResource reached to 300 members. We are really very happy seeing this number. We always wait to deal with a big community, to be with a big community so that we can help and exchange our views vastly. I appreciate the great contributions of our great and awesome moderators and members. They are making our goal successful.

    If you are not a member of phpResource Group, please Join phpResource to share your views with us all. Hopefully you will be impressed by phpResource’s activities.

    Join phpResource and Enjoy PHPing !!


    Lightbox JS Covered

    June 20th, 2006

    I just covered my blog’s images by Lightbox JS v2.0. It’s a great JS tool to overlap the current page by an image. See my test here :

    Ubuntu Linux :: Linux for Human Beings

    You can download it from Here.
    What you will need is read the “index.html” example and guideline file (that comes with Lightbox JS v2.0). Don’t forget to edit the values of “var fileBottomNavCloseImage” and “var fileLoadingImage” in js/lightbox.js file.

    And finally you will see the JS heaven.

    Keep enjoying on !!


    Happy Birthday To Shimul

    June 16th, 2006

    Today is the happy birthday of the awesome guy Shimul. Happy Birthday To You Shimul. I am Wishing Many Many Returns Of This Day In Your LIFE. Just keep going ahead as of now…

    Happy Birthday To YOU AGAIN…

    Take care..



    Ubuntu Linux :: Linux for Human Beings

    June 14th, 2006

    I have installed Ubuntu Linux in my PC on day before yesterday. Ubuntu means “Humanity to Others”. Ubuntu is contributing the open source community by Ubuntu itself. We, the open source enthuasists, should appreciate its activities.

    I didnt get any complexity during Ubuntu installation in my PC. The installation system just reminded me the Debian installation system. Both Ubuntu and Debian have approximately same installation steps. I am trying to get life in Ubuntu.

    Ubuntu Linux :: Linux for Human Beings

    Ubuntu’s slogan reminded me the popular Bengali song “Manush Manusher Jonno, Jibon Jiboner Jonno – Ektu Sohanuvuti Ki Manush Pete Parena..O Bondhu… …”

    Your OS Life is Easy and Virus Free When You Use Linux…


    Gmail Address Book Grabber at WeberDev

    June 14th, 2006

    Today I got my Gmail Address Book Grabber Accepted at weberdev.com.

    Please see this class and rate it if you like its functionalities:

    Suggestions will be highly appreciated.