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    SQLite Brings Light to My Life

    March 31st, 2006

    Currently I am using SQLite for some RnD works. I am just feeling very light-weight with this. I am using SQLite in parallel of MySQL DB. Information that contains security stuffs, I am making it more secured keeping it also in SQLite. I am also following some good strategies to put info more secured.

    SQlite is very easy to use and access. Try to use it effectively and see its fancy features. Don’t forget to share your great experiences with me.

    Happy Programming !


    SAJAX : Makes Life Easier

    March 20th, 2006

    Simple AJAX (SAJAX) makes life more easier for AJAX works. It comes with the more easier way to use AJAX with PHP. I enjoyed it a lot. Hope everyone will enjoy it for its easy, simple and powerful approach.

    Here you will find SAJAX download option:Download.
    [MA Razzaque Rupom]

    Century for phpResource

    March 20th, 2006

    phpResource did a century. Yeah, now no. of members are more than one hundred. It’s increasing on to the sky amount. Hope this will be the number one PHP user group over the world. From the starting point, we are getting many potential members everyday.

    To the new members, I have all the best wishes.
    Keep up best contribution in phpResource.

    Which One is Better?

    March 12th, 2006

    See two debugging functions:

    ———————1st One—————————

    function dBug($dump)
    print "<pre>";
    print "</pre>";

    This one gives debug-data along with datatypes and lengths.

    —————————2nd One———————–

    function dBug($dump)
    print "<pre>";
    print "</pre>";

    This one gives debug-data in a formatted way.

    Here’s an example:

    $myname = array(
    'last_name' =>'Razzaque',
    'first_name' =>'MA',
    'nick_name' =>'Rupom'

    Result of the first dBug():

    array(3) {
    string(8) "Razzaque"
    string(2) "MA"
    string(5) "Rupom"

    Result of the second dBug():

    [last_name] => Razzaque
    [first_name] => MA
    [nick_name] => Rupom

    The second dBug() gives more readable debug-data than that of the first one. But the first dBug() is more informative than the second one. So friends, which one should we choose?

    Usually I use second one for a more readable debug-data.

    Mail Of The Day

    March 9th, 2006

    I got a mail from Tuhin that reads “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship. So do not think to make profits always from a friend. Your friend gives you his time. Does not it carry any value to you?”

    I liked it among many mails I got. No doubt, this is a very valuable comment. I liked it, I like it, and I will like it.

    Thanks Tuhin. Keep up your good comments man….

    Congratulations Polin…

    March 8th, 2006

    One of my best friends recently got married. He is Polin. I wish him a very happy conjugal life. Hope their life will be more enjoyable. Polin, I think you got the most nice/effective/beautiful/…/etc one in your life. It’s a nice partnership. Be happy with her. Congratulations…..

    Hey Polin, as you got married you may forget me….Right? hahahahah !! Don’t do so !!

    Welcome to phpResource

    March 8th, 2006

    From few days we are getting many renowned members from home and abroad in the phpResource group. They joined here for sharing their knowledge with the members of phpResource. I appreciate their participation. For them I have a big “Hi” and welcome to this group.

    We hope this group will be one of the largest and effective PHP User Groups over the world. Friends, please join there and enjoy PHPing. [Rupom]