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    Blog Address Transeferred …

    February 28th, 2006

    Yesterday I tranferred my blog from http://rupom.phpxperts.com to http://rupom.itsmyland.com. It was a good decision from my side since I was getting some security problems in the previous blog (server).

    A few days ago I got a mail from a known guy that reads “Is it rupom.phpxperts.com password?”. After seeing the mail content I was really afraid about the security stuffs of my site. That guy sent me the main config file where the DB config-info was accurately given. Then I deliberately decided to change my blog to another good place. Yesterday Tuhin Bhai suggested me the new address. I then got this new site. It’s very much comfortable than the previous one.

    Thanks to Tuhin Bhai.

    Life is easy now !!


    Just Got My Account Hacked

    February 18th, 2006

    Yesterday I got my Yahoo primary account hacked by someone. I don’t know who may be the culprit. It’s not a hacking but a thiefing in one sense. Because, someone sent an account deactivation request to Yahoo stating that “I want to deactivate my Yahoo account”. Yahoo, then without seeing the mail header just started to process it to deactivate. When I was trying to log into the account, it was saying “Your Account is No Longer Active”. I just got myself thundered, what happened !! Then Yahoo gave me the account back but with no messages stored there.

    SMTP does not care about the sender address, hence people can send mails on behalf of anyone using PHP or other programming. But Yahoo! can authenticate mailing within Yahoo Users keeping track of Yahoo users’ mail sending status.

    I am trying to get my account information back. Hope I will.
    Friends, pray for me.


    $Women = f(x)

    February 14th, 2006

    As the big V-day knocks on the door, more and more Valentine related jokes reach spam filter. This one almost slipped away but was worth clicking on the not-a-spam button.

    Women = Problems


    ——————Collected From : EVOKNOW Blog——————–

    Friends, Happy Valentine’s Day to You All.

    [MA Razzaque Rupom]

    phpResource :: Go Ahead

    February 13th, 2006

    phpResource is going ahead strongly. Already there’s a number of active and talented members. They joined to contribute the group. I hope they will make it the best php group in future.

    So friends, join the group and share your valuable thinkings.

    Learning Perl

    February 11th, 2006

    I am a beginner in Perl learning. I have started my Perl learning!! And I have already written and run my first “Hello World” Perl program. I am reading Mohammed J. Kabir‘s “Perl for Beginners” tutorial. I collected it from EVOKNOW Blog. It’s a nice collection. My special thanks to Kabir for such nice thing.

    Happy Scripting !!

    Happy Moments at Rangpur

    February 11th, 2006

    Last week I passed two days at Rangpur, a town of North Bengal. I there gathered with my good friends Surida, Mustafa, Badsha, and respectable Hedayet Bhai. The most amazing moments I found when we were passing times at “Kheya Park”. It’s a new and very nice fast food area(not shop since it has a large sized playground like area)…

    Nice to have such times !! I can’t but retrospect the moments..