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    Smarty 2.6.10 is Really Very Nice and Cool

    Currently I am working on Smarty Using Smarty 2.6.10 version. Really this new version is very nice and cool for its many functionalities and plugins. It’s giving me much pleasure for its swift works. Thanks the contributors of Smarty 2.6.10…..Rupom

    4 Responses to “Smarty 2.6.10 is Really Very Nice and Cool”

    1. Sizar says:

      Hello Rupom, nice to see that u r using the latest version of smarty. Please keep it up, i will contact u later for smarty works when i need. Take care.

    2. Bharani says:

      Thanks for the new version updates, i haven’t used it yet. let me try.

      Be informative like this..

    3. Hasin says:

      Smarty 2.6.10 comes with no feature upgrade than smarty 2.6.9. Just some security holes fixed.

    4. Hi,
      gr8 pleasure that you have enrolled yourself with Smarty…
      here is some hints that can be useful while you are playing with Smarty..

      1. Use smarty to modulize your presentation…
      Basically Smarty based development is Model 1 complaint..

      2. Separate presentation layer in separate sections… for example
      Keep “….” in a single template…… another and also in another file….

      3. Try to normalize your presentation layer as much as you can that will create lot of separate files but it will give your lot of pleasure of editing…

      4. use smarty configuration(properties) feature… for example you would like to support multiple language …
      just follow these steps:



      etc… and load based on user request or your browser’s default language…

      you can easily load thie config file using smarty and you will get all properties as global variable like

      5. Use smarty block plugin for iteration control

      6. use smarty function plugin to make easy and meaningful syntax

      7. Try to keep your business logic separate from presentation

      8. One important advice(!): never name your file like *.tpl rather you should use *.tpl.php otherwise if ppl get to know about your template directory they could see your secret source…

      9. And finally try to use template it can be Model 2 complaint or Model 1 or your own convension with lots of design patterns…

      10. And congrats for your Smarty interest…. keep up your learning…

      Thank you
      NHM Tanveer Hossain KHan (Hasan)
      http://hasan.we4tech.com [Ajax based WordPress theme]
      Java EE developer
      somewhere in…

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